Monday, September 22, 2014

Beyond the Spectrum Photography by Tanya Giles Hilder

Our interview with Tanya from Beyond the Spectrum Photography.

Our little boy has Autism. When he was younger he used to line absolutely everything up. As a way of coping I decide to photograph his lines. Then we discovered that he could see the world and live in it much more comfortably if he could see pictures. I photographed absolutely everything in our immediate world. He has given me my photography…I never knew I could do what I’m doing. Two years later and I feel like Alice; I fell into another world and it's insanely exciting. I also been nominated as a Queensland Arts Culture Champion, and have just won Silver on an image I entered into the Australian Professional Photographers Awards. I love photographing children, that’s where my real passion lies….in a previous life I was a Social Worker; I've seen the highs and low’s of where little people can be…so it’s my joy now to watch them interact with each other and their family members, to be able to record those moments that will be here for when their children have children of their own. How does it get better than that?
Tanya loves her Canon 5D miii and her 50mm

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